Our green, gentle and

Aidin’s cuisine comes from a strong bond with nature and respect for the environment

How our dishes
are born

Combining mountain tradition with vegetarian cuisine was the first, fundamental step to create a green restaurant, close to our environment and respectful of that nature from which it draws so much and from which we owe so much.

All preparations originate from a philosophy made of kindness, respect and sustainability. If we are what we eat, then it is our duty to respect ourselves, as well as the environment in which we live, with the best products and raw materials that nature offers us, giving us an extraordinary privilege.

This is our promise.

Search for raw materials
Careful selection of exclusively local or regional raw materials, of the highest quality and respecting the seasonality of the products.
Preparation of raw materials
All the vegetables collected by us or purchased from trusted suppliers are carefully cleaned so as not to lose any of their taste and natural properties.
Creation of the dish
"Cooking is an art form" and our Chef, as a skilled artist, creates innovative dishes every day that reflect the whole Aidin philosophy.
Cook with care
Cooking natural products, without losing their nutritional properties, is complex because it requires attention to times and temperatures. But when the right balance is found, everything becomes fantastic.
Plating up
Visual nuances and intense aromas, harmony between good and healthy, our dishes can be eaten even with the eyes. We leave the judgment on taste to you.
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