Our philosophy: a gentle high mountain cuisine

Authentic products
between taste and colour

A regional and natural cuisine, in perfect harmony between tradition and experimentation: this is Aidin.

We learned the most innovative techniques of vegetarian cuisine and selected the tastiest dishes to offer our guests only the best.

Its flavor
for every season

With great respect, our cuisine follow the rythm of the season and the product offered by the different periods of the year.

Aidin’s preparations also respond to this profound philosophy. They are all traditional dishes that arise from what was eaten in the past, the most natural you can find, revisited in a modern way thanks to the creative flair of our chefs.

That is why in the Aidin restaurant you will find only the best that the land and nature offer during the period, of exclusively regional origin and carefully selected high quality food.

Creativity is
the first ingredient

The meeting with the chef Pietro Leemann of the Milanese restaurant Joia – the first vegetarian restaurant in Europe to be awarded with a Michelin star -, who has always shared the values of healthy, natural and vegetarian-based cuisine, allowed us to learn the secrets and the art of vegetarian preparations and high quality combinations, with a unique flavor.

Pumpkin with thyme and saffron, raw salads and cheese board straight from our farmers, old style soups but with surprisingly creative touches, stuffed “Casunziei”, Risotto “Cacio e Pepe”, Tempeh served with mushrooms and a selection of homemade sweets: we are ready to surprise you and let you enjoy a sensory experience with unforgettable flavours.