Our natural menu

Our seasonal proposal, vegetarian dishes with attention to detail with local ingredients of the highest quality


Avocado and vegetables pesto
Avocado and vegetables pesto, salad with tomatoes and sweet peppers (plant based)

Oriental aubergine
Aubergine with plum and ginger sauce, quark cheese and chive

Chickpeas hummus
Creamy chickpeas hummus with grilled vegetables, olives and capers (plant based)

First courses

Whole risotto with porcini mushrooms
Whole risotto with porcini mushrooms and cashew emulsion, saffron and ginger (plant based)

Spinach and nettle canederli
Homemade spinach and nettle canederli with gongorzola cheese fonduta

Potatoes and buckwheat gnocchi
Homemade potatoes and buckwheat gnocchi with braised chard and tomato sauce

Main courses

Grilled cheese with seeds
Grilled cheese with seeds, vegetables ratatouille

Traditional polenta with mushrooms
Traditional polenta with mushrooms

Light vegetables fried
Light vegetables fried with tartara sauce (plant based)


Baked peach
Baked peach, peach sorbetto with yogurt sauce

Sacher viennese cake
Sacher viennese cake with apricot and raspberry ice cream (plant based)

Mixed berries with zabaglione
Mixed berries with zabaglione and vanilla ice cream

Our cheese selection
Our local cheese selection from Latteria Carpano