Why natural cuisine?

Aidin is the new restaurant of Hotel Pordoi, which celebrates the prince of the woods –  the silver fir, from which Ladin takes its name. 

You will find an excellent vegetarian cuisine, the result of the selection of raw materials and regional products of the highest quality and with a short supply chain, and the great creativity of our chefs, whose art has been able to perfectly combine the flavors of local tradition with innovation.

Discover Aidin’s gentle cuisine, which respects the planet, nature and our health

dessert naturale dolomiti | Hotel Pordoi
zuppa vegetariana | Aidin
formaggi tipici val di fassa | Hotel Pordoi
cucina naturale | ristorante Aidin

Our dishes are born from respect for nature

Respecting nature from an environmental sustainability perspective is a choice that is also reflected in our restaurant.
Aidin proposes a healthy, natural and vegetable-based cuisine, with the addition of a courageous momentum that embraces the imagination and experimentation of unique dishes.

All the excellent products which enrich our vegetarian men come from local farms or are of regional production, carefully selected by the Hotel Porodi team. 
From the delicious mountain cheese to the natural eggs which come from controlled and non-intensive breeding farms, everything responds to a philosophy of sustainability and great love for the environment

We have the unique privilege of living in a place that offers the best for a healthy, balanced, nutritious diet that is at the same time respectful of nature, animals and man. 
From all this Aidin was born, from all this our natural mountain cuisine originates.