Our hospitality

Where hospitality and availability are combined with respect for the environment and a great love for nature

Hotel Pordoi
where hospitality is guaranteed

From a consolidated family tradition, a place of great comfort is born, where the magical surrounding landscape is the undisputed protagonist.

Hotel Pordoi combines in a perfect balance the charm of a unique historicity with modernized infrastructures with the utmost care and the inclusion of technological innovations, to offer you only the best and make your stay the most pleasant, relaxing and exciting there is.

Experience all the enchantment of a fairytale landscape, during the winter months entirely covered with soft snow and in summer ready to surprise you with the light of its unforgettable sunsets, which you can enjoy from the exclusive position of our Terrace on the Dolomites with bar service always open.

Our family

The Finazzer family has run the Pordoi hotel for generations. Alessandro, Gloria, Eleonora, Sebastiano and Allegra can’t wait to welcome you with enthusiasm and friendliness, to meet all your needs and allow you to experience an unforgettable stay.

Sustainability a philosophy of life

Respecting the environment and nature, for us at Hotel Pordoi, is much more than a choice: it reflects our philosophy, in which we believe with all our heart. A necessary and strongly desired step, which moves our lives and which today is also an integral part of the hospitality of our hotel.


That’s why we have installer water dispenser. They allow you to refill bottles and drastically limit the use of plastic.


Over the years, we have added further actions to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, aware that these small changes, even if they won’t solve the problems of our planet, are also indispensable. We do it for the sake of the wonderful environment that surrounds us, for nature and animals, but also for everyone’s health.


Changes are a challenge, of course, but also a wonderful opportuity. The time has come for the Pordoi Hotel to take it.

Our commitment
to a better world

Installation of water dispensers

We avoid waste, limit the use of plastic and rationalize water consumption.

Plastic free

We also reduce plastic by purchasing glass drinks with the deposit-return system: less waste and a natural choice.

Vegetarian food

Our restaurant offers vegetarian dishes with selected ingredients of the highest quality, paying the utmost attention to food intolerances.

Controlled supply chain and regional products

For both catering and breakfasts, we only select products of local origin or with a short supply chain.

Courtesy kit with refill

We choose ecological and natural products, and we reduce packaging with a practical refill system.

Use of organic and vegetable detergents

Cleanliness and hygiene in Hotel Pordoi also respect the environment.

Breakfast the most important meal of the day

Those who love the mountains know how essential a hearty breakfast is with the right foods to start a day full of activities that require a lot of energy.

Breakfast at Hotel Pordoi, in the traditional setting with the ancient Austro-Hungarian stube that keeps the traditions of the Dolomites intact, is à la carte with a dedicated menu. You will choose your breakfast in the evening to find it in the morning in all its goodness. It is an additional security that we want to offer you in a particularly delicate period like the one we are experiencing.

You will always have organic and regional products available, from sweet to savory, with the option of choosing between an Italian or continental breakfast.
You will find excellent locally produced cheeses, yoghurt strictly from South Tyrol, genuine milk from local farms, vegetarian dishes with highly nutritious foods such as hummus, scrambled eggs or fresh caprese, all accompanied by a selection of hot and cold drinks.
Each dish is rigorously freshly prepared in our kitchen.